Squad Membership

Tiers of LLD Membership are based on points.

Points are earned when an artist posts to the Squad Blog or when they are actively participating in LLD - the platform or creative entity (see "How to Earn Points").


Points decay at a rate of 1 point per day, and an artist can be stripped of membership by remaining at level 1 for more than 6 months.*

How to Earn Points

100pts - Featured Collab
50pts - Non Featured Collab
5pts - Personal Blog Post

2x multiplier - Include a local nonprofit or goodwill organization in your project

What's a Collab?

A collab is a collaboration between a LLD Squad Member and another artist/creator. After an artist collabs with a LLD Artist, they may apply to  become an official LLD Squad Member themselves.


Featured Collab

Content shared to social media or the home page does not constitute as a featured collab. Featured collabs will be shared to the “LLD Squad” page on livelovediscover.org and the artists involved with the project will receive a notification including their total awarded membership points.

Why use our store?

We care about our members, and we will stop at nothing to make sure they are supported - this includes adding our top notch search engine optimization tactics to your endeavors. We are also working with local and mainstream logistics handling companies to ensure we are using the quickest option when delivering your products. The store auto-calculates shipping and tax so the buyer can pay what they need to from the start, and the artist isn't left with the bill. Buyers can also create a free LLD account to see their purchase history, track the status of their orders, and also to download any purchased digital content.

LLD Music Label

LLD can work with music artists to master, perfect, and publish their songs to mainstream media services. Access to recording studios will be added to this perk in the near future.


LLD Merchandise Studio

LLD can work with artists to create a full line of products and merchandise to sell on the store. Extra fees and development costs are applied and will be individually based on the amount of projects currently in line at the studio or the amount of work/time required to create the merchandise. Prices take membership tier into account (better rates for higher tier).

Extra Points

Points can be given at the discretion of LLD as a creative entity. Points can be used as compensation or rewards for extra effort within the LLD community and working on projects on behalf of LLD as a creative entity.


Spam and Irrelevant Content

LLD Artists are held to a high standard. Posts should contain new, relevant information about your subject matter as an artist or should give updates on your life/work/passions/projects/adventures. Posts that are low enough in quality may not be rewarded any membership points.

Point Summary Emails
Automated emails will be sent to artists every week. Artists may simply respond to inquire about amount of points awarded during the week. After the week has ended and the next email is sent out, there is no guarantee that the points awarded in the previous email will be able to be changed. To clarify, Artists have one week after the point update email is sent out to ask any questions regarding the points in that week’s email. We hope to soon tie points and your reward history into your LLD account, but we aren't quite there yet.

*at the discretion of LLD. Some circumstance may lead to an extension. Point decay begins in October. Artists have until then to submit past projects for backdated collab points.