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Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Jared Brosius founded Live Love Discover in 2015 to begin a wave of change in the technology industry. His fascination with Augmented Reality has transformed LLD from a content creation company to something much more cutting edge that draws influences from all realms of artistic expression.

Jared’s wheelhouse falls under that of Producer/Vocalist/DJ. He wants to make music that will mean something to other people through shared experiences. His style is influenced by mind provoking vocals and heavy chords that intertwine with visuals to create a cohesive set for the audience. The inspiration behind his musical style stems from his own experiences, “I know what has made me happy and excited in the past and I want to recreate that feeling in other people via music.”

He describes his genre as "all over the map” due to the fact that he’s always playing with new software and sounds that come together to create a heavy electronic flavor with a beat drop. During his creative process, a song could take anywhere from just one weekend to over six months to create depending on if it’s a cover or one of his original songs.

Skrillex is one of Brosius’s idols in the producing/music industry, describing him as a generally good vibe kind of guy whose music has transformed from heavy scream rock into electronic art, and Brosius is inspired by his process.

Jared is a graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he studied Advertising and Public Relations and now has a Bachelor’s of Journalism. He is originally from North Platte, is the father of Tycho (the cutest Pug doggo you’ll ever meet), and has an embarrassing birthmark on his butt.

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